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  Leslie Waters

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Hymn (C)
(Motet for Double Choir)


'This piece is, frankly, an interesting oddity. There is nothing in it that Brahms would have found odd. And yet, and yet.........

It is clearly written by someone with an imposing technique with much imagination deployed in the varying textures. And if we are honest, there is a large constituency (both audience and singers) out there for comforting tonal music. This ‘Hymn’ is clearly to be used for an evening service or a choral recital. The duration is circa 4 minutes.

Leslie Walters (1902-1908 became a church organist in his teens and won an exhibition to study with Orlando Morgan at the Guildhall School of Music in his spare time. His output was growing during the inter-war years and from 1936 the newly formed BBC Wales broadcast a number of his pieces. Some time later the BBC in London began to broadcast his work and many Radio 3 recitals included his music over the years.

He worked as a Civil Servant and was for some years in C P (Lord) Snow's Department. Much of his later life was spent in the Isle of Wight. The manuscript notes the following broadcast performances:

9 August 1964, Lutheran Hour, Radio Luxemburg
20 November 1966, Leicester Cathedral, Leicester Bach Choir
12 July 1988, BBC Singers, Radio 3 (conductor Simon Joly)
8 January 1990, repeat of Radio 3 broadcast.




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