David Adkins

List of Compositions


Fanfare £4.00

Exciting and vivid, this music was originally written for trumpet and organ for the entrance of a bride.  However the music is entirely convincing as an organ solo for general use.  It is supplied on card in a plastic sheath.


All Saints’ Day Music (D) £15.00

 This music was written in response to a wish to explore how organ music can contribute to making the liturgy speak powerfully to a congregation on an especially solemn occasion.  The form is that of a French Organ Mass, as used in Tournemire’s L’Orgue Mystique.  It can be used liturgically, with or without the Gregorian chants proper to All Saints’ Day, or it can be played in concert as a suite. There are five movements culminating in a dramatic toccata and double fugue.


Something for Sunday  (A/B) £12.00

Twelve Pieces for Beginners

Elegy - Tempo di Menetto - Trumpet Tune - Plainte Folklorique - Cavatina - Prelude  1- Fugue 1 - Prelude 2 - Fugue 2 - Fantasia pro organo Pleno - Cantilena - Duet

Following the success of Ron Watson’s Mrs Thing series of pieces, Fagus composers have been encouraged to write straightforward service music that is interesting to play but which can be successfully attempted by students in the early stages, reluctant organists, or those with little time to practice. David Adkins has here fulfilled this brief admirably, with twelve varied pieces which will be useful as voluntaries or teaching pieces.  The final item is in fact a duet with the teacher taking the lower part with pedal and the pupil the upper.



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