David Barton

List of Compositions


Five Fanfares (B)   8.00

David is, by some distance, the youngest composer in our lists and the exuberance of youth is very evident in these cheerful pieces which will, amongst other uses, serve well as short postludes.

A Prayer of St Patrick (B)

SATB and Organ


1 copy 2.00

5 or more 1.25ea


The style of this piece may be thought to recall another somewhat more famous composer of church music, but your publisher would see this as nothing more than sharing influences.  Its gentle melodic shapes manage to create a feeling that says something new about these well-known words, and singers (and listeners) will appreciate the gratefully singable lines and general tunefulness.


Choral Music
The Lord bless you and keep you (A+)
(Soprano, Alto, Piano/Keyboard)
  One copy 2.00
5 or more 1.50ea

If these are the forces at your disposal, this will be found to be an effective setting, especially suitable for a wedding.

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