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The Fagus Book of Advent Voluntaries

This substantial volume (61 Pages) has come about because of a stray remark from an organist who said, ĎThere are four Sundays in Advent, and I donít have much to playí.

Here are 18 pieces, some commissioned, and some extracted from previous issues. Contributors are Geoffrey Atkinson, Karen Beaumont, Gwilym Beechey, Richard Benger, John Ellis, Nigel Gaze, Norman Harper, Gary Higginson, Alastair Johnstone, Alan Smith and Evelyn Stell.

Most entries are very, or quite easy, but two Ė (GB and NH) are much more difficult but had to be included because of their quality.

1 Come, Divine Messiah Voluntary Evelyn Stell
2 Conditor Alme Siderum Prelude     Gwilym Beechey
3 Conditor Alme Siderum Prelude     John Ellis
4 Conditor Alme Siderum Prelude     Alan Smith
5 Conditor Alme Siderum Prelude     Gary Higginson
6 Divinum Mysterium Prelude     Karen Beaumont
7 Divinum Mysterium Toccata Norman Harper
8 Little Cornard Voluntary Richard Benger
9 NoŽl Nouvelet Prelude Gary Higginson
10 NoŽl Nouvelet Petite Carillon Alastair Johnston
11 Num Komm der Heiden Heiland Fanfare Karen Beaumont
12 Puer Nobis Nascitur Prelude Gary Higginson
13 Veni Emmanuel Postlude Geoffrey Atkinson
14 Veni Emmanuel Prelude Karen Beaumont
15 Veni Emmanuel Fantasia Gwilym Beechey
16 Veni Emmanuel Voluntary Evelyn Stell
17 Verbum Supernum Prodiens Prelude Geoffrey Atkinson
18 Winchester New Voluntary Nigel Gaze


Difficulty A - D

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Last updated: 01 October 2023