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1. Please order by e-mail if possible.


2. Music in the catalogue is supplied on a print-to-order basis and dispatch is normally by return of post.  However please allow for more time at holiday periods or if the order is for a large number of copies.


We can also supply any original Fagus item and some former Oecumuse publications via PDF (Portable Document Format) file.  Anything which appears on the web site as a 'Scorch' file can be delivered in this way.  The music, with its associated cover and preface, is sent to your computer for printing off.  All pages are formatted in A4.  (You will need to have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader - which is a free download)   Music supplied this way attracts a 30% discount (of course there is no postage to pay and delivery is instant), but please remember that this method may be less suitable for items with many pages as you will probably want to bind them in some fashion.  Choral items cannot be sent via pdf unless a 'Licence to Print' has been agreed (See 3 below).


If you are interested in this method of purchase please send an e-mail to Fagus-Music.Com where we will treat all enquiries on an individual basis.  Orders to be delivered as PDFs must be settled via PayPal.


3. We will usually not supply single copies of choral music where the original can be viewed on our Web site. The minimum condition for supply is 10 copies, or the purchase of a ‘Licence to Print’. If this restriction causes any undue difficulty, please let us know. We are happy to supply pdfs of sections of the music free of charge.

4. Licences to print are available at a cost of 25% either of the higher rate where noted, or the single price where relevant. Please enquire via the Web site. Licences to print are only available to retail customers.

5. Payment:

If you are sending a written order by mail we prefer you to enclose a cheque.  However we will supply music with an invoice which we would ask you to pay by return in order to avoid the bother of us having to send reminders.


You may now also pay via PayPal if you have an e-mail address.  This is perfectly secure and costs the purchaser nothing.  You do not need a 'PayPal account, though if you do the process is a bit easier.  The procedure is as follows:
        i. The price for the items is agreed
        ii. We ask PayPal to e-mail you with a request for the sum involved
        iii. You respond to this request by paying PayPal with your credit card
or debit card
        iv. Paypal tell us when they have received payment into our account with them
    This process is very quick and easy and is our preferred method of payment.


6. Payments from abroad must be in sterling via Paypal or International Bank transfer.


7. Postage:

i.  UK and EU: Please add £3.00 to order, or free if £30 and over.


      ii.  Outside UK/EU: Airmail at cost (a quotation will be provided of requested).


8.  Trade orders are welcome



Home Catalogue Ordering Submission

Last updated: 05 January 2020