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A Little Organ Mass   (B+) Price £6.00

Prelude - Invocation - Communion (Chorale) - Postlude (Rondo)

Alastair’s note in part reads: ‘The pieces in this set are designed to be of use in a liturgical context. The church where I play has a ‘usual’ Parish Communion on a Sunday sometimes with the opportunity to play as the Priest and Choir enters, during the Communion and after the final hymn and Blessing. I have also included an ‘occasional’ piece - the ‘Invocation’ - for whenever it might be needed. The pieces have also been played in a concert situation.’

The idiom is contemporary but not harsh.


Petite Carillon sur Noel Nouvelet   (B+) Price £4.00

This piece is dedicated to Alastair’s teacher at Barnet Parish Church, David Patrick, in honour of his 75th birthday. Not unexpectedly the tune appears in the pedals beneath broken chord figuration in typical French style. The tune of course these days crops up at times of year other than Christmas so the use of this piece would not be restricted to that season. The music proves that Marcel Dupré did not have the last word on the subject.

Paris Pieces  (B/C) Price £12.00

Gargoyles - Berceuse - Summer Rain over the ‘Jardin de Luxembourg’ - Nightscape from Sacre-Couer - Sunday Morning.

These are atmospheric and impressionistic sketches of the great city, which will certainly spice up a recital. The music is contemporary in feel but quite approachable, and not too difficult.

Acclamations for Organ (C)
Festival Prelude (C)
Price £4.00
Price £4.00

These are two well-written and exciting voluntaries that will spice up a service or recital. While they are not sight-readable (by most of us) they will yield to careful preparation and will come across very effectively on all but the smallest of instruments.

Three Short Pieces for Organ (B+)
Based on Tunes by Orlando Gibbons
Price £5.00

The tunes are Songs 29, 46 and 34, and are presented very effectively with interesting textures and rhythmic inventiveness. They will make good voluntaries but also would be a most entertaining item in a recital.

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Last updated: 05 January 2020