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Alan Smith

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Come Thou Long Expected Jesus SATB and Organ

1 copy £2.00

5 and over, £1.25ea

A good tune and no more difficult than a hymn, this work will be very useful indeed for Advent.


Litany to the Holy Spirit Upper and Lower Voices and Organ

1 copy £2.00

5 and over, £1.25ea

A sensitive setting of Herrick’s famous penitential words, this piece would be very effective in Lent and Passiontide.

Three Communion Motets (C) SATB (minor divas) Unaccompanied  

1 copy £2.50

5 and over, £2.00

These sensitive and lovely settings of familiar Eucharistic texts will be found very rewarding by experience choirs, though the singers will require to be capable of singing properly in tune.

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis

The Southwark Service (D) 

SATB and Organ

1 copy £6.00

5 and over, £4.00ea


We are aware that this piece will tax all but the very best choirs (and accompanists) but the piece is so infectiously animated that it deserves to be given a chance The calmer (but still rhythmically unsettled) Nunc Dimittis is a masterly piece of writing.


The Chichester Service for Unison Voices and Organ

1 copy £3.00

5 and over, £2.00 ea

Written for the visit of Hazelwick School to Chichester Cathedral in April 2004 this setting is vigorous yet tuneful and not too difficult.  It is sure to be welcomed by choirs that do not have singers in all parts.

St Andrew's Service (B/C)

Unison Voices and Organ

1 copy £4.00

5 + each  £3.00

Congregational Card 10.00 per 50

This setting of the most recent Anglican Communion Liturgy is startlingly good.  If ever the words ‘simple and effective’ were relevant it is here.  The music is designed to be performed in various ways. It may be sung by congregation alone, led by a cantor.  If there is a choir, they may sing the same unison line as the congregation. If  the resources are available there is also a part provided for SATB choir.  The accompaniment is intended for organ, but would be equally effective on the piano. A variety of responses and acclamations have been provided for use during the Eucharistic Prayer.  These may be sung or not  according to local custom.   This setting was composed for the church where Alan is organist in Burgess Hill, West Sussex.                                                                                 

Fantasy Improvisation: Gaudete! (C)


The tune is a medieval carol melody from the well-known Piae Cantiones collection (1582). It is put through some interesting hoops and will be useful as a Christmas voluntary or recital piece.



Festival Suite (B/C)


Intrada - Cantilena- Toccata

This suite was written to mark the centenary of St Andrew's Burgess Hill (1908 - 2008) and the 20th anniversary of the composer's appointment as Director of Music. It was first performed by the composer at a recital in the church on 29th June 2008.

The movements would make very effective voluntaries and as a recital work the music would be much enjoyed. Alan has the rare knack of writing appealing music which exhibits great fluency and inventiveness; indeed he one of those composers whose music regularly finds its way onto your publisher’s music desk.

Two Transcriptions


Skilful and idomatic but easy versions for organ of two popular pieces from the classical repertoire.  The Mozart is particularly suitable for a wedding and the Handel for any solemn occasion.



Two Mozart Transcriptions (B)


 Tasteful, idiomatic and straightforward  versions for organ of two pieces from the classical repertoire.


Introduction, Chorale & Toccata (B/C)


Alan Smith is perhaps best known - at least to Fagus customers - for his choral pieces and organ arrangements, but this work indicates that his exceptional talent can also enable him to write striking music for organ solo.  The ‘Chorale’ is particularly expressive and emotionally gripping, while the rhythmic complexities of the ‘Toccata’ will demand a bit of preparation! (Buskers beware). This would make an admirable component of a recital.


Music for Funerals and other Solemn Events (B)


Caccini: Ave Maria - Handel: Lascia ch'io pianga (Rinaldo) - Handel: Allegretto espressivo (Water Music Suite) - Handel: Largo (Xerxes) - Handel: Dead March (Saul) - Schubert: Serenade (Schwanengesang) - Fauré: Pavane - Mascagni: Intermezzo (Cavalleria Rusticana) - Satie: Gymnopédie No.1 - Elgar: Nimrod (Enigma Variations) - Walford Davies: Solemn Melody - Smith: In Memoriam - Smith: Sarabande.


 Two Pieces for Funerals and other Solemn Events (A/B)
In Memoriam - Sarabande


Alan has collected arranged and composed material for this very useful collection. But recognising that some will have many of the pieces in the larger album we are issuing Alan’s own new pieces in a separate issue.

The larger volume has found its way to my library immediately, and particularly for Alan's own pieces which are strongly recommended. These two pieces are really lovely.


 Fiocco - Allegro in G (C)


Your publisher is old enough to remember this sparkling piece as a Menuhin favourite. Nimble fingers and feet are required.


Three Psalm Preludes (C/D)
How excellent is thy name - Beside still Waters - Praise his Name in the Dance


These are extremely exciting, but indubitably difficult pieces. They were composed for the Second Annual Festival of New Organ Music in 2007 and received their first performance by Stephen Moore at St. Dominic’s Priory, London NW5 in October of that year. We really hope that recitalists will take these up and give them some exposure.


Wedding Album (Mostly B)


Charpentier: Prelude: Te Deum; Pachelbel: Canon in D; Handel: From the 'Water Music' Air, Alla Hornpipe; Vivaldi: Largo from ‘Winter’ (The Four Seasons); Boccherini: Minuet in G; Mozart: Andante from Piano Concerto No.21; Schubert: Ave Maria; Mendelssohn: O for the Wings of a Dove; Fauré: Après une Rêve; Delibes: Flower Duet from Lakmé; Trad: The Lark in the clear Air; Smith: Wedding Song.


Aria (B+)


This is a companion volume to Alan’s collection of Funeral and Memorial Music issued by us in September 2016. This has done very well, and we hope this new selection will find favour, though we are well aware that sadly, there are somewhat fewer church wedding these days. The USP (unique selling point) here is that these are playable arrangements of some of the daft things you may get asked for.

Alan’s ‘Wedding Song’ - composed for the nuptials of his own daughter - is also issued separately as ‘Aria’ since it is a lovely piece in it’s own right, and is not specifically referable to a wedding service .


The Lark in the Clear Air (B)


This arrangement of a beautiful Irish folk song is an off-print from Alan’s ‘Wedding Collection’.



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