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Arthur Wills

List of Compositions

Toccata, Adagio and Fugue on BACH  (D)



This imaginative and challenging work is this distinguished composer’s most substantial contribution to the repertoire for some time.  Despite the contemporary language the distinctive theme is audibly never far away.  Professional recitalists will find this work rewarding to master, whilst the attention of the audience will be held by being able to follow the theme in this energetic working.


Meditation on ‘Adoro de devote’ (B) 


This recent work was commissioned by Gordon and Celia Barker for Ronald Watson on his 70th birthday.  It is contemplative in style and highly atmospheric. 

Grieg - Morning (from Peer Gynt) (C)



The second of our centenary tributes to Grieg consist of this sympathetic arrangement of one his most famous movements.  Given that some of Grieg’s figuration in the piece is not all that easy to play, Dr Wills has made a good attempt at avoiding increasing the difficulties, and in capable hands the music will come over very effectively.  It would be very appropriate during the signing of the register at a wedding.


Transferred from Oxford University Press  Ltd

Solo or chorus/pno            Boot and Saddle (text by Robert Browning) 


Music for Brass Band and Brass Ensemble

The Fenlands Suite for Brass Band

Movements and timings:

1 The Vikings  c.7’ 00”
2 Wicken Fen c. 4’ 50”
3 Oliver Cromwell  c. 6’ 40”
4 March: the City of Ely  c. 7’ 00”


Brass Band:

Soprano Cornet B flat

Solo Cornet B flat

Ripieno Cornet B flat

2nd Cornet B flat

3rd Cornet B flat

Solo Horn E flat

2 x Horn E flat

2 x Baritone B flat

3 x Trb

Euphonium B flat

Bass E Flat

Bass B flat

5 x Timpani/Percussion


Score and full set of parts £250.00 ($500.00)

Also available as a pdf (25% discount) if you are prepared do your own printing and binding.  PDF of Score Free on Request.

Recorded on Hyperion CDH 55003


The Vikings is available for Brass Ensemble:

Trumpet in E flat

Trumpet in C

2 x Trumpet in B flat

4 x Horn in F

3 x Trombone


5 x Timpani/Percussion


Score and full set of parts,  £62.50 ($125.00) - Movement 1 only   PDF of Score Free on Request.

Score and full set of parts,  £220.00 ($439 approx) - Full Suite

Transcription for Organ of movements 1, 3 and 4,  £15.00



Nine Responsorial Psalms (A/B)

Unison Voices and Organ (or Piano)

Psalms 24, 67, 68 (exc), 93, 96, 108, 114, 118,148

 1 copy    £8.00

5 or more £6.00ea

Vigorous contemporary settings in the composer’s familiar, more popular vein.



Remembrance; ‘the World of Light!’ (D)

 SATB (div) and Organ

 1 copy    £6.00

5 or more £4.00ea

A stunning modern anthem written for Scott Farrell and the Choir of Newcastle Cathedral, in memory of Jim MacChesney and Michael Fleming.  Not for the faint-hearted or technically challenged.

NB While fully up to modern standards of presentation, Arthur’s music listed above has been set by him on a computer that is almost as old as he is, and in consequence we regret that the music is not available for previewing on the website.


Mussorgsky arr. Arthur Wills Pictures from and Exhibition (D


Arthur’s celebrated arrangement of Mussorgsky’s most famous and popular work has been in demand recently, and recitalists may appreciate being reminded that this work is still available in hard copy, and the file has also been converted so that it can be delivered via PDF.


 Toccata-Finale on ‘Marienlyst’(D)
(edited by Jonathan Lilley)


This is a major work which will interest recitalists.

Composer’s note: This work was commissioned by Peter J. Smith for a recital played by the composer in a series to celebrate the opening of the organ in Bishop Stopford’s School, Enfield. ‘Marienlyst’ refers to the tune used in the School’s Hymnbook.

Editor’s note: The dedicatee of the Toccata-Finale on ‘Marienlyst’ had recently lamented the paucity of performances and apparent lack of a recording, and I had made proposals to address this state of affairs, when the composer passed away on 30th October 2020, and proposal was turned into promise. The piece existed only as an out-of-print reproduction of the composer’s manuscript, and computer setting of a more easily legible copy seemed an important first step in its revival.




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Last updated: 10 January 2021