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C H H Parry

List of Compositions


A Voluntary on ‘Repton’ (B)   

(arranged by Geoffrey Atkinson)


Parry’s noble tune originated as a ‘ballad’ in the oratorio ‘Judith’ and was turned into the much-loved hymn-tune by George Gilbert Stocks in the 1920s.  In the source the tune appears in several guises with interludes and a contrasting section.  These have now been assembled to create a highly convincing organ piece which is most suitable for a funeral or other solemn occasion.  All the notes are Parry’s.


Pastoral and Air (B) 

(Arranged for Organ by Gwilym Beechey)


These pieces appeared in the Oecumuse listings in 1998 and now appear here refurbished. The source is the ‘English Suite’ (1921) - though to be sure, the ‘Air’ sounds far more Scottish than English. This is happy, attractive music which will be found highly usable particularly, eg, as wedding voluntaries.
NB We regret that this music is not available to view on Scorch as it has not been computer-set in an appropriate programme. You will just have to accept our opinion that this is worth having.


Four Romantic Pieces (A/B)   

(arranged by Geoffrey Atkinson)


Sonnet - A Romance - A Caprice - Solitude

‘Five Romantic Pieces’ for piano were published posthumously in 1923 by Edwin Ashdown. Four of these translate readily into organ textures, and these arrangements contain all the notes that Parry wrote but redistributed as convenient for the resources of a modest organ. Parry’s musical personality is here unmistakable, and the charm of these brief pieces is evident. The music would be highly suitable as voluntaries for various occasions.


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