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Charles Paterson

List of Compositions


Ite Missa Est: Alleluia!  (B+) £4.00

A splendid concluding voluntary based on plainsong for the Easter season.  Mrs Thing (qv) has been practising this but she isn’t there yet.


A Little Suite for Organ (A)

Intrada - Cantilène - Trumpet Tune


These pieces, written in response to the observation that straightforward but very effective service music always goes down well, will be found very useful for organists with limited practice time.


Anniversary Fanfare (B+)


Written for Ian Imlay, celebrating 40 years as organist of the University Church of St Nicholas, Leicester, this is a very lively, slightly jazzy, piece of great zest and cheerfulness.  You will need to be certain of your 3+3+2 and leave your clogs at home).


Five Short Pieces (A/B) 


Promenade - Celtic Tune - Scherzetto - Meditation - Toccatina

Charles’s ‘Little Suite’ was a big success when it came out in March 2006 and here he follows the pattern with a further compilation of attractive and straightforward Service music.


Miniature Suite for Small Organ (A/B)


Processional - Plaint - Rondo alla Siciliana - Slow Dance - Trumpet Tune

This Suite of short pieces is for manuals with an optional pedal part (or ‘auto-bass’). The music is characterful and will be much welcomed by reluctants or those short of practice time.


Whippingham Suite (A/A+)


Solemn Procession - Canon – Scherzetto – Minuet and Trio à la musette – Trumpet Tune

This is a suite of attractive and straightforward pieces for manuals only


Postlude on ADG (A/B)


Dedicated to Anne de Graeve, Organist of St Mary’s, Melton Mowbray, 1998-2002, this piece will conclude a service in fine fashion.

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