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Gilbert Rowland

List of Compositions


Toccata  (C/D) £6.00

Gilbert is primarily a harpsichordist and one who has international recognition.  This Toccata was composed for the wedding of his cousin, the Rev. David Wilcox in October 1972.  He says that off and on, over the years, people have badgered him to get it published, and now, thanks to the good offices of his friend, Fagus composer Michael Dawney, we are very happy to oblige.

It is a sparkling Ďfinger pieceí which spanks along in fine style.  It lies well under the hand but donít even think about trying to play it at sight !  This piece will make a fine recital item for the experienced player.


Two Pieces (C)
Processional -Trumpet Tune

Not very many of us can aspire to successfully attacking Gilbertís symphonies, but here he has produced two shorter and more accessible pieces, where lesser mortals can enjoy the dazzling vitality of the writing These pieces are highly suitable as a recital items or as postludes.

Symphony no 1 for Organ  (D) £15.00

This is a major new work lasting approximately 20 minutes which will test the technical prowess of the most skilled players . The composer admits to liking the music of Nielsen and Martinu and while these influences are fully digested they are reflected in the idiom, which is full of rhythmic vitality. There is no doubt that a live performance would be immensely stimulating.


Symphony no 2 for Organ  (D) £20.00

We were proud to issue Gilbertís first organ symphony in March 2009, and, stimulated by this, Gilbert promptly sat down to write a second. Like no 1 this is in 4 movements, but it is about 5 minutes longer in duration. The compositional skill is impressive and the music is full of a bustling energy and vitality.


Symphony no 3 for Organ  (D) £15.00

Gilbert continues here in his indomitable, indefatigable way, to create large-scale symphonic works. It would be no use denying that, like its predecessors, this piece can only be accessed by specialists and virtuosos. However, again like its predecessors, it would make a most exciting contribution to a recital. Gilbert is here issuing a challenge. Who will take him on ?!


Symphony no 4 for Organ  (D) £15.00

Yet another impressive offering - it seems that Gilbert writes an organ symphony every year. As before, this will test the most robust techniques, but the music is full of interest, and the drive and invention will be exciting to hear.


Symphony no 5 for Organ  (D) £15.00

Gilbertís 2013 offering. Not for the faint-hearted or possessors of less than dazzling technique,, but the music is, as usual, full of interest and forward momentum..


Symphony no 6 for Organ  (D) £15.00

As above, this is not for the faint-hearted or possessors of less than dazzling technique, but the music is, as usual, full of interest, and forward momentum. Numbers 7 and 8 are on their way.


Symphony no 7 for Organ  (D) £15.00

Gilbertís biannual offering, as promised, here is no 7.

Symphony no 8 for Organ  (D) £20.00

Soon the mystical no 9 will appear, and what more can be said? The music is quite challenging, but of course, will be found to be very rewarding if you can master it.

Symphony no 9 for Organ  (D) £20.00

The mystical no 9 has now appeared, and what more can be said? As usual, the music is quite challenging, but of course, will be found to be very rewarding if you can master it.


Symphony no 10 for Organ  (D) £20.00

As before ! - difficult but dazzling, and not for the timid.

Symphony no 11 for Organ  (D) £20.00

This is yet another lengthy symphony for the specialist player.


Symphony no 12 for Organ  (D) £20.00

The series continues. The five movements include a Minuet and an Alla Marcia to spice things up.


Symphony no 13 for Organ  (D) £20.00

The number says it all. This one is slightly shorter than some of the earlier pieces and the last movement has great fun with the Westminster chimes motifs. If interested. please ask for specimen pages.


Suite (D)
Prelude - Allemande - Courante - Sarabande - Gavotte - Bourťe - Gigue

This suite is almost as difficult as the Gilbertís many symphonies, but musically it is much more approachable, with the clearly defined Baroque-style movements rethought in 21st C terms. Good fun.

Respighi Bergamasco (B/C)
(from Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite no.2) (arrangement)

This is a splendidly jolly piece which could serve as a postlude, or as an encore in a recital.

Secular Keyboard

Six Preludes for Harpsichord (C-D) £20.00

These sparkling and inventive preludes should be of interest to all harpsichord recitalists.



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