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 George Towers (1914-2008)

List of Compositions

Preludes and Interludes on Welsh Folk Songs



Prelude on ‘Dafydd y Garreg Wen’ (David of the White Rock) - Prelude on ‘Y Delyn Pur’ (The Gentle Dove) - Interlude on ‘Suo Gân’ (Lullaby) -

 Interlude on ‘Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn’ (Watching the White Wheat).

In early Oecumuse days a promotional cassette recording was made of the pick of organ issues to that date. George Tower’s Prelude on ‘David of the White Rock’ was one of these, and it has been a staple voluntary of your publisher ever since. Now we are very pleased to announce that this piece, together with its companion (‘The Gentle Dove’), has been edited and computer-set in a new edition along with two exquisite interludes, and a full preface. We are very grateful to Professor David Gabe who has succeeded George as organist of Loughborough Baptist Church, in securing permission from the family for this reissue, and for supplying manuscripts of the interludes, as well as providing full biographical information.
The tune ‘David of the White Rock’ is relatively well-known but it is the quality of the intervening interludes that makes this short piece exceptionally worthwhile. And ‘Suo Gân’ is just beautiful beyond words in its deceptive simplicity. 






George’s Preludes and Interludes on Welsh Folk Songs, have proved very popular. His successor at Loughborough Baptist Church, Professor David Gabe has now unearthed the manuscript of this charming ‘Caprice’. It is in the style favoured by early 20th century organist- composers of light music, such as William Wolstenholme, Alfred Hollins and Edward Lemare. It would be eminently suitable as an encore for a recital, or a concluding voluntary.
It should be noted that there will be a problem for players with small hands since the left hand is sometimes required to stretch to the span of a tenth, and they will have to devise a way suitable to them to overcome this


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