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The Fagus Book of Interludes and Offertories (A/A)

Price £16.00

Fagus collections (eg ‘Trumpet and Tuba Tunes’ and ‘Communion Interludes’ have been best sellers and we have similar hopes for this most useful album of no fewer than 40 short pieces designed for, say, the Offertory, or for any moment when you need 1 to 3+ minutes of fill-in music, should, for instance, you have finished your main voluntary and have a short gap to cover. All contributions are sight-readable; many of them offer a number of alternative endings and/or repeats, to help you to come to a satisfactory close. The composers are all Fagus regulars: Geoffrey Atkinson, Gwilym Beechey, Humphrey Clucas, Brian Daniels, Paul Edwards, John Ellis, Michael Dawney, Nigel Gaze, Peter Naylor, Charles Paterson, Tony Read and Alan Smith.


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Last updated: 05 January 2020