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The Fagus Book of Voluntaries for Manuals

Manual Voluntaries (Mostly A/B) £18.00

25 Pieces (61 pages) encompassing a wide range of material assembled and edited and/or composed by Paul Edwards and Geoffrey Atkinson.

Composers represented are Geoffrey Atkinson, Theodore Aylward (1730-1801), F. H. Barthélémon (1741-1808), Gwilym Beechey, T. Craddock (1837-1903), Brian Daniels, Théodore Dubois (1837-1924), Paul Edwards, Arthur de Greef (1862-1940), Alfred Morland (1874-1931), Fred. W. Peace (fl. 1906), Alexander Reinagle 1799-1877), Théodore Salomé (1834-1896), and Evelyn Stell.

(There is scope for optional use of the pedals in some pieces.)



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Last updated: 26 February 2020