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Orly  Watson

List of Compositions

Armagh Suite op 1 (C)
Prelude - Elegy - Scherzo-Finale



Orly is Organist and Director of Music at Dromore Cathedral in Northern Ireland. This attractive suite would be an ideal choice for any recital. This is his first designated venture and he deserves every encouragement.



Eight Pieces on Irish Hymn Tunes (D)

Fantasia: ‘St. Patrick’s Breastplate – Reverie: ‘Slane’ – Canzona: ‘The Star’ – Intermezzo: ‘Moville’ – Invocation: ‘Deus Meus’ – Theme and Variations: ‘Gartan’ – Improvisation: ‘Armagh’ – Rhapsody: ‘St. Columba’



Orly writes in his preface: ‘The eight pieces in this collection are based on Irish hymn tunes but each adopts a different approach to the foundational melody. Some set the tunes in full whilst others employ only fragmentary references. In some cases, almost everything within the piece has been derived from components of the tune, in others, a much freer approach has been adopted. Although the pieces have been structured to form a cycle for concert use, each constituent number is self-contained and may be performed independently’.

This is a valuable collection of pieces on mostly familiar tunes which do not often receive this sort of treatment. They are undoubtedly challenging to play, but they will sound wonderful in the hands of a skilled player.



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Last updated: 03 March 2024