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Peter Naylor

List of Compositions


Unison Verses £12.00
(Free organ accompaniment for 32 hymns, 22 with optional discounts.)


Available Examples:  
  Austria in Eb
  Hanover in G
  Hyfrydol in F
  Leoni E minor
  Lobe den Herren in G
  Wareham in Bb

These arrangements are mostly for the final verse of some very well known hymns, to which optional descants are additionally available in many instances.  To confirm with settings in various hymn books the music is available in alternative keys.

These arrangements are attractive, playable and singable, and not 'over the top'.

Unison Verses 2 (C) £12.00
Free Organ Accompaniments for 42 hymns, 34 with optional descants

A further set of varied harmonisations in the same style as the composer’s first volume. This collection includes a last verse for that great hymn tune ‘For all the Saints’ written for the visit of the Pope to Canterbury Cathedral.


Echoes and Reflections £7.00

Awakening - Water Reflecting - Caverns - High Crags

Peter was unhappy with the 4th movement of this suite and has now rewritten it (2009), and it now makes a much more effective conclusion.

Tides of Summer £8.00

Five evocative and colourful pieces suitable for a recital but not too difficult.

This piece is published in our ‘International Recital Series’


Variations on ‘Innocence’ £5.00
and the ‘Coventry Carol’ (B)    

These Variations are based on the short piece Innocence, originally written for an infant baptism.  They are interrupted by the Coventry Carol, first as a protest against Herod’s appalling slaughter of the young children in Bethlehem, then as a lament.  At the end the opening childlike theme returns, now tender and tentative, pointing towards the possibility of hope in the future.  The idiom is gently contemporary.


Harvest Triptych  (B/B+)
on Harvest Hymns
Prelude - Interlude - Postlude £6.00


Toccata ‘Awakening’(A) £3.00

It is a sad fact that much of our back catalogue is not much in demand, which means that splendid pieces like this may get unfairly forgotten. This Toccata is ‘hidden’ in the Oecumuse reissues section of the catalogue and is included in the lengthy Suite ‘Daybreak to Starlight’. It is almost ridiculously easy considering its impact, and thoroughly deserves resuscitation. It makes a splendid concluding voluntary.




Easter Hymn (Mascagni) £5.00


Three Hymn Preludes (B/C) £7.00
St Margaret - St Aelred - Maccabaeus

These are gently dissonant but sensitive and sympathetic workings of familiar and favourite tunes.


Choir and Organ


Thanks be to Thee 1 copy £3.00
(SATB and organ) 5+ each £2.00

The famous "Prayer of St Richard of Chichester" in a moderately challenging but peaceful setting.

Trumpet in 3 (B)



‘By grace of Purcell, Clarke and Stanley’ is the sub-title and this jaunty trumpet tune will make a splendid postlude for a celebratory service.


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Last updated: 05 Jan 2020