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Dona Nobis Pacem

(B+ (D piano))

Cantata for Soprano, Baritone Soloists, Choir, Piano, Timpani and Side Drum


This is a major work, and minor masterpiece, by a reclusive Scottish composer, now computer-set. It is intensely dramatic in performance (c. 25 minutes). While most of the parts are not particularly difficult, the pianist will need a robust technique. The modest resources are deployed with superb effectiveness. The choral demands can be met by any reasonably competent choir. There have been at least 4 performances in Scotland in the last year or so (Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh).

Full details can be found in the whole preface.

No price is mentioned since any expression of interest will be dealt with according to circumstances. For the time being, in the interests of getting the work better known score and parts will be sold on a non-profit basis, and licences to print are, as usual, on offer.



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Last updated: 05 January 2020