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The Fagus Book of Slow Movements from 18th Century English Voluntaries

25 pieces for Manuals by Maurice Greene, John Travers and John Bennett (A-B) £16.00

Edited by Geoffrey Atkinson

These slow movements are selected from the Fagus Collected Editions of the above composers’ Voluntaries. Organists will find them extremely useful as ‘fillers’ - indeed Samuel Wesley (1766-1837) was later to describe such pieces as ‘Desk Voluntaries’ by which he meant that the music should lie close to hand near the organ console for instant use if required.

Arguably the best, and easily the most expressive music in these 18th century pieces is to be found in these opening slow sections which are customarily followed by one or two quicker movements in fugal or lighter vein. Bennett’s movements are especially resourceful and Romantic in feeling and very much justify their inclusion in this collection.


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Last updated: 05 January 2020