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The Second Fagus Book of Trumpet and Tuba Tunes (A - C)

Price £18.00


Trumpet Procession Geoffrey Atkinson
Trumpet Minuet* Geoffrey Atkinson
Celebration Gwilym Beechey
Festal Fanfare Gwilym Beechey
A Short Fanfare Gwilym Beechey                   
Short Easy Fanfare no 1 Gwilym Beechey
Short Easy Fanfare no 2 Gwilym Beechey
Trumpet Tune Richard Benger
Tuba Tune no 1 Stephen Burtonwood
Tuba Tune no 2 Stephen Burtonwood
Trumpet Air Paul Edwards
Trumpet Processional* Paul Edwards
Trombetta Antica Nigel Gaze
Interludes for Trumpet Robert Little
Trumpet Lament Peter Naylor
Last Post and Evening Hymn Peter Naylor
Trumpet in 4 and 3 Peter Naylor
Trumpet in 3 Peter Naylor
Trumpet Benediction Peter Naylor
Rondeau from ĎAbdelazerí* Henry Purcell


* Reprints from previous Fagus-Music.com issues

The first Fagus Book of Trumpet and Tuba Tunes has been a great success, and it is hoped that this second volume will also be well received. Each item is also available separately at £1.00 per page (printed on card).


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Last updated: 19 December 2023