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The Fagus Book of Turbo-Charged Hymns for Congregation and Organ

40 Hymn Arrangements of Well-known Hymns

Contributors: Geoffrey Atkinson, Paul Davis, Gary Higginson and Kyle McCallum

The intention with this new collection of hymn arrangements is to make the presentation of some of the hymns in a service more imaginative than just a simple play-over.

Items in this collection consist of 1) a varied play-over, 2) an interlude before the last verse, 3) a last verse with varied harmonies, 4) (in most cases) a brief coda. The employment of all or any of these components is optional.

The accent is on usability. It has been found that congregations welcome this procedure though, of course, they must at least be informed of the presence of the interlude where one is included. It is further recommended that only one or two of such arrangements be used on any given occasion.

The presentation is usually across two pages, with the expectation that it be used in conjunction with the hymnbook. Basic tunes are not included, apart from ‘Westminster Abbey’ where the initial key is different from that in most hymn books

Difficulty B/B+
Hard copy: £20.00
Pdf: £14.00

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Last updated: 26 February 2020